Consumer Packaged Goods

To provide insights to its retailers and drive customer adoption of its products, this consumer packaged goods company is using Datameer to optimize product category management.

  • Looking to optimize their retail channel and better manage product categories, this consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer needed to analyze and correlate both product and customer purchase data to better drive product assortment strategies and programs.

    Challenged by reduced IT resources due to downsizing, this manufacturer required a big data analytics solution that was simple to use and did not require technical programming skills to aggregate the data needed for the business analysis. At the same time, the company also needed a solution capable of analyzing massive datasets.

    Recognizing the scale limitations of traditional business intelligence software and the need to put analysis into the hands of business users, the company chose Datameer to help them gain insight into the shopper’s path to purchase and key influences for buying decisions.

    Analyzing different varieties of structured and unstructured data, Datameer enables their business analysts to better manage product categories through insights including:

    • Price elasticity of products by store or geography
    • Consumer sentiment of product, brand and retailer
    • Effectiveness of promotions
    • Purchaser demographics and location
    • How consumers are influenced and how they influence others

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