Technology of Datameer

Good citizen in your IT infrastructure

Datameer is built on open standards compatible with IT infrastructures. A wide range of integration points are available to import and export data. Administration, configuration and monitoring are accessible in the end-user interface or via command line.

  • Smart Execution

    Datameer 5.0 Smart Execution

    Smart Execution™ is a patent pending technology created by Datameer to dramatically accelerate Datameer workloads. To do this, Smart Execution™ uses in-memory technology, and leverages new advances in the Hadoop ecosystem in a seamless and transparent fashion, while isolating end users from these changes. Using a new dataflow engine with a DAG-based optimizer, Smart Execution™ continually optimizes each analytics pipeline at runtime, considering data size, available cluster resources, and using cost-based optimization techniques.

    The resulting pipeline can combine multiple YARN-based computation frameworks, which today include Apache Tez and a single-node execution mode for smaller workloads. This, combined with new in-memory technology, delivers dramatically improved performance for many use cases, including complex analytics jobs with mixed-size workloads, and iterative algorithms like Datameer’s clustering, decision trees, and recommendation engine. Simple pipelines on very large data will also benefit from reduced startup costs and resource caching. Smart Execution™ is a 100% native Hadoop YARN application, running on any Hadoop 2.2-compatible or later version, including Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks’ HDP, with zero installation required.

  • Datameer Technology

    Open infrastructure

    Datameer acts like a good tenant by sharing your Hadoop environment with other applications, fully utilizing the platform and its native APIs.

    Datameer is the most open Hadoop analytics platform, which uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to easily import, export, store and manage data. Custom MapReduce jobs can be integrated and harmonized using concepts like the Datameer Data Links and the REST API.

  • Hadoop

    Natively built on Hadoop

    Datameer includes a state-of-the-art job planner and optimizer. Similar to database query planners, the Datameer job planner takes the user input (a workbook) and plans the lowest number of MapReduce jobs to execute the workbook. The job planner and optimizer takes advantage of the data profile information gathered during data import and uses this for optimization.

    Datameer is architected from ground up for Hadoop and takes advantage of the unique NoSQL analytics power of Hadoop. Other tools just connect and copy data from Hadoop. Datameer uses the power of Apache Hadoop to break the decades-old cycle of slow, static, and difficult to use data analytics architecture. Datameer reduces the conventional BI complexity of three applications, ETL, data warehouse and BI by integrating all three applications into one powerful platform.


  • Micro Kernel

    Datameer is the most open, Hadoop-based analytics platform in the market. Built on top of a thin micro kernel foundation, Datameer is comprised of hundreds of plugins, similar to architectures like Eclipse. This allows the system to be extremely flexible, extendable and robust. Individual plugins run in a shared nothing sandbox classloader environment and different plugins can run different versions of code without any effect to the system. This architecture allows extension and/or replacement of individual parts of the system with custom plugins such as decryption of data during import.

  • SDK


    Datameer includes a no cost SDK that makes writing custom plugins for import, export, functions, and visualizations possible for any future need.

    Integrating existing user-defined functions from Apache Pig, Hive or other systems is a minimal development effort and developers can go much further by integrating functions from R, Python or other languages and systems.


    All of Datameer's major components are exposed through REST APIs. This enables system monitoring with any "industry standard" or custom monitoring tool. The system can also be provisioned with import / export jobs, workbooks and infographics, all from the REST API, making Datameer an ideal choice to build data driven applications and exposing it outside your organization.

  • HTML5
  • Any browser, any device

    HTML 5

    A innovative HTML5 web user interface makes the daily work in Datameer a breeze. Ease of use and productivity are the highest design principals. Datameer supports all modern browsers and delivers a native desktop application feel in your browser. Datameer is accessed on any browser whether that is on your laptop, tablet, or your smart phone and runs centralized and secure in your data center or the cloud.

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