Big Data Analytics

Datameer is the single application for data analytics.

  • Dramatically reduced complexity

    Integrate, Analyze, Visualize

    Previously you needed a three step process for data analytics involving three different vendors, three teams of experts, and three different technologies. Datameer simplifies this complex environment into a single application on top of the powerful Hadoop platform.

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  • Datameer Big Data Analytics
  • Start on your laptop and scale to petabytes of data

    Datameer is the only analytics application that scales with your needs. Empower users to work independently, in a group, or across the company. Develop on your laptop, test with your work group, deploy to your company and scale with your needs: on your laptop, server or cluster.

  • Datameer Personal
  • Datameer Workgroup
  • Datameer Enterprise
  • Hardware


    Support Available

    Services Available

    Data Limit

    Hadoop Hadoop Elephant

    Smart Analytics

  • 1 desktop


    community online


    100 GB/year


    Not available

  • 1 server

    1 to 50

    online, email

    training & consulting

    1 TB/year


    Not available

  • 1 hadoop cluster


    online, email & phone

    training & consulting


    any distribution

    Available Add-on

  • Analyze your data where you want

    Freedom of Deployment

    You should be able to choose where you would like to store and analyze your data. Whether in the Cloud, on premise or both, Datameer can analyze and visualize the data. Analyze your data where it makes sense from a security and scalability standpoint.

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  • Freedom to Analyze
  • Data integration

    Liberate Your Data

    Data is the raw materials of insight and the more data you have, the deeper and broader the possible insights. Not just traditional, transaction data but all types of data so that you can get a complete view of your customers, better understand business processes and improve business performance.

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    • Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, etc
    • Teradata, Greenplum, etc
    • XML, JSON, CSV, etc
    • HBase, Casandra


    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jive, etc
    • Email
    • LogFiles
    • SaaS - CRM, GitHub, Jira, Zendesk, etc
  • Data visualization

    Move Beyond Static Dashboards

    Make your point faster. Build information rich dashboards or engaging infographics with our simple drag and drop, WYSIWYG Infographic Designer.

    Your vector based data visualizations can be consumed on any device. Your only limit is your imagination.

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  • Data Visualization
  • Data management

    Datameer provides robust, enterprise grade data management capabilities. Easy to setup without programing with flexible integration points to manage data flow dependencies within your organization.

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    • Import, Export, Data Links
    • Storage, Data Partitioning
    • Compression
    • Retention Policy
    • Data Profiling
    • Source Analyzer, Meta Analytics

    Security for your data, in Datameer and Hadoop

  • Authentication

    Datameer integrates with LDAP(S) / Active Directory (AD) Datameer respects Kerberos secured Hadoop environments

    Hadoop Security - Authentication
  • Authorization

    Datameer provides group-based access with delegation for all Datameer artifacts including workbooks/import data/result data/etc.

    Hadoop Security - Authorization
  • For more information

    Download: Hadoop Security datasheet
    Go to: Datameer Documentation on Security


    Datameer supports the use of HTTPS. In addition all end user credentials, data store passwords and keys (SSH, EC2, etc.) maintained by Datameer are masked in the UI and encrypted in the Datameer metadata store.

    Choose your Hadoop

  • Hadoop Elephant
  • Strengths of the Elephant

    Datameer is the only analytics application natively built on Hadoop. We fully leverage the linear scalability and flexibility of Hadoop to bring game changing data integration and analytics to end users. We support all "species" of the elephant and let you choose the best distribution for your needs.

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  • Hadoop Distributions

    • Apache
    • Amazon
    • Cloudera
    • EMC
    • Hortonworks
    • IBM
    • MapR
    • Microsoft
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