Big Data Management

Datameer provides robust, enterprise grade data management capabilities. Easy to setup (no programming) with flexible integration points to manage data flow dependencies.

  • Your organization's data hub

    Import, export, data links

    When it comes to big data management, Datameer is ideal as the general purpose data hub for an organization. Datameer includes a wide set of data connectors to import data into HDFS, as well as export data to external sources. It uses the full power of the underlying server or cluster environment including distributing the loading process to reach terabyte/second throughput. Datameer provides a fine-grain configuration of scheduling and throttling to make sure data loading does not max out data sources. Concepts like publish/subscribe are easy to implement and monitor. Orchestrate from the outside via the REST API. 

  • Data Management

  • Manage data from megabytes to petabytes

  • HDFS
  • Datameer & HDFS; storage, data partitioning

    Easily manage data storage in HDFS whether it’s a desktop, single server, or large Hadoop cluster implementation. A wide set of file systems are supported. From local file systems in the Personal & Workgroup Editions to purpose-built, distributed file systems like HDF over S3 to GFS. Big Data management in Datameer means you can store data in a folder in the Hadoop Environment or on a local hard drive. The data is put in a Sequence File format, optimized for performance, and with extended support of data types. Datameer allows flexible partitioning of the data to ensure it is easy to work with very large amounts of data and analyze subsets.

  • Algorithms that help optimize hardware to Manage Data


    Get the most out of your hardware investment. Datameer optimizes both storage and data throughput. A wide range of compression algorithms allow users to select between high compression, for long-time data storage, or optimize for data throughput. It is possible to mix and match compressions used for different data sets within the system, providing unlimited flexibility. Datameer enables compressing stored data as well as the import and export of compressed data sets. Loading gzip compressed log files is a point and click operation.

  • Manage Data
  • Big Data Management
  • Manage your own data retention

    Retention policy

    Manage data retention policy with Datameer's flexible data retirement rules. For each imported data set, an individual set of rules can be configured. It is easy to configure both keeping data permanently, or cleaning records that are older than a specific time window. Security rules allow retired data to be either instantly removed, retained until a specified time, or manually removed after system administrator approval.

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