Rapid big data integration

Free up your IT resources from data plumbing and empower IT and business users
to integrate any data source, rapidly.

    Liberate your data

  • No ETL

    Data is the raw materials of insight and the more data you have, the deeper and broader the possible insights. Not just traditional, transaction data but all types of data so that you can get a complete view of your customers, better understand business processes and improve business performance.

    Datameer ignores the limitations of ETL and static schemas to empower business users to integrate data from any source into Hadoop. Pre-built data connector wizards for all common structured and unstructured data sources means that data integration is an easy, three step process of where, what and when.

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  • Big Data Integration
  • Import and ingest any data type

    Import jobs

    Datameer loads all data in raw format directly into Hadoop. The process is optimized and supported with robust sampling, parsing, scheduling and data retention tools that make it simple and efficient for any user to get the data they need quickly. This is the way Datameer solves Big Data Integration.

  • Endless correlations on any data

    Data links

    Some use cases, such as analyzing constantly changing user data, lend themselves to streaming the data into Hadoop as analytics are run. This ensures that user data is always up to date. Datameer provides data links to any data source for just that purpose. Integrate all of your data fast and easy.

  • Data Links for Data Integration

  • A robust, open big data platform

    Big data management

    Datameer provides enterprise grade data management capabilities including fully automated partitioning, compaction, compression and other services that can easily tame terabytes of information. Incremental loading of any data type can be configured with simple time or data-driven triggers, or can be connected with existing job scheduling and monitoring tools to ensure you’ve captured every record. When you don’t, built in fault-tolerance alerts you with email notification and detailed reports, while filtering out corrupt, dirty, or incomplete data using customizable tolerances.

    Data managed by Datameer is maintained with configurable retention windows and refresh rates per data set, is profiled and sampled to deliver an enhanced analytics experience, and is governed with access control, full data lineage, audit trail and a field-level catalog, all query-able via REST. Of course, it’s always possible to link to external data maintained by the tool or system of your choice, and leverage Datameer’s discovery tooling at time-of-analysis.

    Analytics results can be exported to other data stores such as an EDW, RDBMS, NoSQL database or file server for use in online applications, or can be published to traditional legacy BI/reporting tools automatically.

  • Big Data and Integration

  • Datameer no Data Warehouse
  • We’ve got an API for that

    GET results fast via REST

    Some use cases, such as embedding analytics as part of a broader application, require programmatic access to raw data or analytics results. Datameer’s REST API enables external applications to easily access Datameer data via code or command-line tools. The API can be used to make downstream business decisions based on calculations, or to deliver on specific automation and monitoring requirements with scripts or connecting external tools like Nagios. Requests are made using a simple URL, and responses are returned in a standard JSON format.


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