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Introducing Datameer Cloud

Get Insights in Days With Datameer Cloud

With the full power of Datameer Enterprise, Datameer Cloud is a fully managed service with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface the analyst knows. No need to tax precious IT resources, no need to have Hadoop expertise, no need for hardware to show up or software to deploy. Datameer Cloud is a simple and fast way to bring big data analytics for everyone.

faster time to actionable insight

Faster Time to Actionable Insight

With Datameer Cloud, you control your own destiny. No need to wait for others in the BI data pipeline to do their job so that you can do yours. With Datameer Cloud, you can manage the data pipeline yourself to prepare, analyze, and visualize the data in the same application, without waiting for precious IT resources to set it up for you. And when your analysis requirements change, you''ll be at the ready!

Eliminate Technology Complexities and Risks

Big data technology is ever-changing and it’s a challenge to keep up with the many components of the Hadoop ecosystem (Pig, Hive, HBase, Spark, Cloudera Impala, Flume, etc.), the associated hardware, and the applications that run on Hadoop. With Datameer Cloud, our experienced staff manages the underlying infrastructure, software stability and updates, and configuration for optimal performance—future-proofing your big data investment.

Meet New Business Requirements Quickly

Are you entering a new market or introducing a new product line? Or perhaps utilizing a new sales channel? Datameer Cloud complements your on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments, giving you the additional flexibility to meet new business requirements by quickly adding capacity to absorb the additional workload.

Five Best Practices
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