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Big Data Analytics

Building an analysis is an agile process, not a linear one. Discover as you go, and let your data lead the way. Or, start with a question in mind and deliberately work toward the answer. Datameer works with you and your data, to find the insights that matter.

formula builder

Blend And Shape Your Data

Datameer includes more than 270 point-and-click analytic functions, plus filters, sort, and advanced join functionality, allowing you to build everything from a simple report to the most complex analysis. Every analysis you build is a different “view” on the data, meaning the actual raw data in HDFS is left untouched.

visualize your big data analytics

Visual At Every Step

“Flip” any spreadsheet to see a visual profile of your data instantly and in its current state, including the data type, max, min, uniqueness, mean and average. The view streamlines the big data analytics workflow, allowing you to identify and remedy anomalies as they occur, ultimately freeing up time for you to discover new use cases.

smart analytics

Go Deeper, Easily

An optional add-on, Smart Analytics’ self-service data mining functionality lets you find patterns and relationships in your data – without a data scientist. With an instant, interactive visual preview, you can simply drag-and-drop different data attributes to explore patterns and determine relationships – even build recommendations – interactively.

smart execution

Go Faster, Automatically

Run your analysis on your entire big data set even faster with Smart Execution, a premium add-on. Smart Execution automatically selects the best execution framework, or combination of frameworks, based on your specific analyses, ensuring your data is being processed in the most efficient manner, every single time.

predictive modeling

Plug-in Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

The Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in for Datameer fully supports the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), enabling you to integrate predictive models from IBM/SPSS, SAS, R, and many more data mining and statistics packages.


Analytics results can be exported to other data stores, such as an enterprise data warehouse, relational database, NoSQL database or file server, and can be also published to traditional legacy BI/reporting tools automatically.

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