• Datameer Personal Edition
  • Data analytics for the rest of us

    Get started with your data right away. Instant productivity! It's as simple as a spreadsheet, with flexible data integration, powerful analytics and the ability to create stunning data visualizations. All you need is Datameer.

    What you can do with Datameer

  • Visualize Social Media Data

    Improve your social media strategy by understanding how people interact with you or your brand. Understand your effectiveness and reach, and communicate those easily with custom visualizations

  • Correlate Sales and Web Traffic

    Turn your shoppers into buyers. Go beyond standard web click analysis and truly understand your customer interactions by joining web traffic data with sales results. Goodbye churn rate, hello conversions.

  • … and Much More!

    Get insights from any kind of data without having to call IT. Explore all of your data, from Excel to databases to social media, then communicate your findings effectively by sharing customer infographics on any device.

    More Use Cases
  • Not your dad’s dashboards

    Communicate Insights Visually

    Limited only by your imagination, communicate insights faster. Create and share rich and engaging business infographics with our WYSIWYG Business Infographics™ designer - your only limit is your imagination. It's never been easier to make complex data simple to understand, and it can be shared and consumed on any device.

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  • Infographics
  • Spreadsheet
  • Be home for dinner

    Spreadsheet Simple

    If you’re one of the 600 million spreadsheet users, you can use Datameer. Get to results with just a few clicks. With 200 built-in analytic functions, you don’t need to be a data scientist to uncover the insights you're looking for.

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  • all your data

    No Data Left Behind

    When it comes to your data, there are no second class citizens. Datameer lets you load structured, semi-structured, and/or unstructured data from any source with ease.

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  • Data Democracy
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