Datameer Technology Partner Program

  • When Technology Partners integrate their offerings with Datameer, both companies benefit. Mutual customers get better results by using the technologies together. Datameer is dedicated to building and promoting complementary solutions through optimization and go-to-market activities.

    Here is a list of some of our Technology Partners:

    Datameer and Cloudera have partnered to make it faster and easier to put Hadoop into production and enable business users to leverage the power of Hadoop for business intelligence. The Datameer Analytics Solutions runs seamlessly on Cloudera’s CDH and related functionality so that business users can focus on analyzing data rather than spending time to maintain their Hadoop environment.
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    Datameer will be offered as an analytics application with Dell’s hardware reference architecture and Crowbar software framework with services and support jointly provided. Datameer’s software is ideal for financial services, retail, telecommunications, Web 2.0 or other industries that have both structured and unstructured data and need to make fast, data-driven decisions. Flexible, highly scalable and cost-effective, Datameer’s software enables business users to do data analysis on-demand.

    Only DataStax Enterprise contains certified, production-ready versions of Apache Cassandra that have been chosen from the community by the expert staff and committers at DataStax. Each selected release is put through a rigorous certification process designed by DataStax engineers and QA staff to ensure that it is stable and ready for enterprise production systems.

    The company serves both large, FORTUNE 500 organizations and smaller businesses across many industries. Banks, government agencies, ISPs, and manufacturers are among its customers. EMC serves a global client base from facilities and partners worldwide.

    Hitachi HDS, is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., Its storage systems range in size from PC-sized units to cabinet systems that can manage hundreds of millions of gigabytes of data. Its software portfolio encompasses backup and recovery, content archiving, replication, and storage resource management applications. HDS, which does business in some 100 countries, also offers training, support, and financing services.

    Hortonworks Data Platform is making Hadoop more robust and easier to install, manage and use and provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises to build and deploy big data solutions. The Datameer and Hortonworks partnership is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of big data analytic solutions that leverage or extend the Apache Hadoop platform and includes technical and support cooperation as well as joint marketing between the companies.
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    Infochimps helps companies understand their data. Infochimps provide tools and services that connect their internal data, leverage the power of cloud computing and new technologies such as Hadoop, and provide a wealth of external data sets, which organizations can connect to their own data.

    Datameer utilizes and runs on IBM’s platform for big data which provides a dependable, enterprise ready implementation of Apache Hadoop. Datameer provides a packaged business intelligence platform on IBM’s platform for big data that helps overcome Hadoop's complexity and lack of end-user tools by providing business and IT users with business intelligence (BI) functionality across data integration, analytics and data visualization in the world's first BI platform for Hadoop.
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    MapR next generation distribution for Apache Hadoop ( The partnership will include a variety of joint technology and marketing efforts designed to accelerate the adoption and usage of Hadoop-based analytics.  As part of the partnership, a full featured, trial version of the Datameer Analytics Solution will be included in the MapR distribution and will be available for download immediately.
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    Datameer and Microsoft partnership will bring Datameer’s end-user BI platform to Microsoft’s new Azure-based Hadoop offering Microsoft’s embrace of Hadoop as a key analytics platform expands the Hadoop eco-system in a big way. Microsoft made the spreadsheet the industry standard interface for basic number crunching with over 500,000,000 Excel users. Given the success of the spreadsheet user interface for both Microsoft and Datameer, this partnership is a perfect match to bring Hadoop-based spreadsheet analytics to every business user.

    Scale Unlimited
    Bixo Labs has acquire and merge with Scale Unlimited, to provide complete consulting solutions that include support for bringing their clients’ and internal staff up-to-speed on the open source technologies they use, such as Hadoop, Solr and Cascading.

    With Workday Big Data Analytics, customers will gain entirely new levels of insights into their organizations. The new pre-packaged analytics applications will enable Workday customers to combine Workday data with third-party data sources and deliver information in an easy-to-consume user interface. Workday Big Data Analytics incorporates Datameer’s Hadoop-driven analytics platform, which enables users to integrate, analyze, and visualize data of any type, size, or source.

    Zementis and Datameer have partnered to deliver first-ever standards-based execution of predictive analytics on a massive parallel scale. This joint solution combines the Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in for real-time execution of predictive models with the power and scale of Datameer, an end-to-end BI solution that includes data source integration, an analytics engine, visualization and dashboarding.

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