• Enterprise Edition
  • Analytics at the speed of business

    The single application for complete big data analytics. With rapid data intergration, 200 pre-built data transformation and analytic functions, and the tools to create stunning data visualizations. Datameer Enterprise quickly transforms raw data into insights.

Use cases

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  • Improve Company Performance

    Datameer enables companies to correlate marketing, social, website, customer, sales and financial data into a single view to help managers make data-driven decisions.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Get timely insights to quickly identify threats, asset risk exposure, and fraud, and implement reporting and analytics necessary to meet regulatory compliance.

  • Understand Customer Behavior

    Improve how your customers interact with your brand across your website, in your product, and in-store, to lower churn, improve customer experience and increase overall engagement.

    Any data type, size, or source - No ETL

  • Rapid Data Integration

    Freedom! Liberate your data from static schemas. Free up your IT resources from data plumbing. Empower business users to integrate any data type, size or source whenever they need it.

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  • Structured

    • Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.
    • Teradata, Greenplum, etc.
    • XML, JSON, CSV, etc
    • HBase, Cassandra
  • Unstructured

    • Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • Email archives
    • LogFiles
    • CRM

    Simplicity of a spreadsheet, analytics powered by Hadoop

  • Spreadsheet
  • Low Learning Curve

    If you're one of the 600 milion spreadsheet users, you can use Datameer. Including 200+ pre-built, point and click functions, from simple joins and filters to advanced sentiment analysis and genome sequencing analysis on structured and unstructured data. You can also write your own functions in Java, R, Python and more.

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  • Communicate data visually

    Move Beyond Static Dashboards

    Make your point faster. Build information rich dashboards or engaging Business Infographics using a simple drag and drop, WYSIWYG Infographic Designer. Your vector based data visualizations can be consumed on any device. Your only limit is your imagination.

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    We Love Hadoop

  • Strengths of the Elephant

    Datameer is the only analytics application built natively on Apache Hadoop. We fully leverage the linear scalability and flexibility of Hadoop to bring game changing data integration and analytics to end users.

    We support all "species" of the elephant and let you choose the best distribution for your needs.

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  • Supported Hadoop Distributions

    • Apache
    • Amazon
    • Cloudera
    • EMC
    • Hortonworks
    • IBM
    • MapR
    • Microsoft
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