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A sunburst chart shows the hierarchical nature of a dataset. These charts are a variant of classical tree, or a radial version of an icicle diagram. The root level is located in the center, the position of levels compared to each other shows their rank in the structure's hierarchy, and the size of each level is determined by its weight (a value present in the workbook chosen by the user).


Configuring the Sunburst Chart - Widget

Here you can find out what kind of data can be represented as a sunburst chart and what options you have to represent your data. General steps for configuring widgets are explained on the Visualizing Data page.

Data Requirements

The different levels can be made up of any type of Datameer supported data. The weight applied to the data is that of the number of elements represented.  Please note that if two or more workbook rows are the same, then these non-unique rows will not be shown in the sunburst chart.


The appearance of a sunburst chart can be adjusted in the following ways:

Widget settings

Standard settings

Standard Widget Settings


Gives the option to add a solid color or an image as a background to a widget.

Gives the option of framing a widget and choosing a color for the frame.


Ability to adjust the side of the widget width and height, position of the widget on the page,
and rotation of the widget.



Ability to limit the number of data points shown.



Specific Widget Settings

The top color bar shows the current colors being used in the widget.  Dragging and dropping a new
color will change the corresponding widget color.

Add a color to the color bar by dragging a dropping a color from the color plait into the +BOX.

-Specify the color of the text labels in a widget.

-Specify the margins for the graphic.

-Specify the font size.

-Ability to change the font type.

-Specify the label length.



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