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Which file to download

Datameer version required

Support removedNote
Apache Hadoop 2.6.0(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 5.4

Azure HD Insights 3.5(tick)Datameer-<version>-hdi-3.5.zipSupported since Datameer 6.3

Azure HD Insights 3.6(tick)Datameer-<version>-hdi-3.6.zipSupported since Datameer 6.3

CDH 5.7(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.0

CDH 5.7.6(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.8(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.09

CDH 5.8.4(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.8.4-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.8.5(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.8.5-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.9(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.14

CDH 5.9.2(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.9.2-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.23

CDH 5.9.3(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.9.3-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.23

CDH 5.10(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.10.1(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.10.1-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.10.2(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.10.2-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.22

CDH 5.11(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.23

CDH 5.11.2(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.11.2-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.1.23

CDH 5.12(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.12-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.4.1

CDH 5.12.1(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.12.1-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.4.1

CDH 5.13.0(tick)Datameer-<version>-cdh5.13-mr2.zipSupported since Datameer 6.4.1

Hortonworks HDP 2.4(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.0

Hortonworks HDP 2.4.3(tick)Datameer-<version>-hdp-2.4.3.zipsupported since Datameer 6.0

Hortonworks HDP 2.5(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.7

Hortonworks HDP 2.6(tick)Datameer-<version> Supported since Datameer 6.1.23

MapR 5.2(tick)Datameer-<version>-mapr-<version>.zip and MapR plugin required Supported since Datameer 6.1.3
Instructions on making the HBase plug-in work in secure/impersonation mode with Spark cluster execution framework

Datameer does not certify patch releases for Hadoop distributions because normally the patch releases do not have binary changes nor API changes.

MapR distribution patches are an exception. As new binary code may have been introduced, Datameer will certify MapR Hadoop patch releases.

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