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Terms to Know 

Friends = Users of with whom you have connected.

Scrobbling = Tells what songs you play most often, which songs you like the most, how much you’ve played an artist over a certain amount of time, and which of your friends have similar tastes.  This helps send music suggestions you may enjoy.


The Friends application can be used to statistically find new music that the user might enjoy.

  • The infographic returns 5 artists that the user may enjoy listening to based off the user's friends data.

Connection and Import

The data is gathered from via the "" connector.  The app uses the connector in order to create two import jobs to analyze data.  The first import job focuses on information from the user's own account and the second import job focuses on data from the user's friends.  


The Friends app uses the two import jobs in order to create workbooks.  The workbooks then analyze the friends' listening preferences and makes a group of the artists most listened to by all of the user's friends.  The workbook then compares the list against artists that the user has already listened to and subtracts those from the list.  The final list is created of the top 100 artists from the user's friends whom the user has not listened.  Five of these artists are selected at random from the top 100 and displayed in the infographic.  

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