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Important to know API changes made in Datameer version 5.

General Datameer v5 Changes

API changes

  • removed method from Sheet.isPartionSelected
    instead, Sheet.isSelectingPartitions can be used



Configuring Datameer/Hadoop to use native compression 

Use as custom properties in the Hadoop Cluster config section in Datameer.


API changes

  • extractValue(InputSplit) and configure(Configuration) methods of 
    datameer.dap.sdk.importjob.enrichment.EnrichmentValueFunction have been replaced with

  • existing enrichment functions have been moved from 
    datameer.dap.sdk.importjob.enrichment.EnrichmentValueFunctions to 

Addition of custom properties

Property nameDefault valueDescription the container size of map-like tasks across execution frameworks.
das.job.reduce-task.memory2048Controls the container size of the reduce-like tasks across execution frameworks.
das.job.application-manager.memory2048 Controls the container size of the Application Master across execution frameworks.


Rest API update

Logged In User


Returns account information about a specific Datameer user. As of Datameer v5.10, user capabilities are also returned.

URI Syntax

curl -u <username>:<password> -X GET http://<Datameer-serverIP>:<port-number>/rest/user-management/logged-in-user?pretty


API changes

Removed methods from datameer.dap.sdk.schema.RecordType:

  • All constructors. Use RecordType.builder() or RecordType.create() to build a new record type.
  • add(ValueType) method. Use the add(ValueType) method on the RecordType.Builder instead.
  • addAll(RecordType). Use the addAll(Iterable<ValueType>) method on the RecordType.Builder instead.
  • setType(int, ValueType). Use the setType(int, ValueType) method on the RecordType.Builder instead.
  • uninitializedOfSize(int). Use the RecordType.Builder instead.

REST API update

REST API Permissions and Ownership

Created REST API Files and REST API Folders calls. 

The following APIs are available in the Advanced Governance module.

Dependency Lists


Returns the hierarchy of up- and downstream dependencies for a given connection, import, export, workbook, or infographic.

URI Syntax

curl -u <username>:<password> -X GET 'http://<server>:<port>/API/<configurationType>/<configurationId>/dependencies[?direction=<upstream | downstream>][&level=<number>]'

REST APIs for Workbooks using Git Plug-in

Created four new REST APIs for workbooks to be used with Git plug-in.

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