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Important to know API changes made in Datameer version 5.

General Datameer v5 Changes

API changes

  • removed method from Sheet.isPartionSelected
    instead, Sheet.isSelectingPartitions can be used



Configuring Datameer/Hadoop to use native compression 

Use as custom properties in the Hadoop Cluster config section in Datameer.


API changes

  • extractValue(InputSplit) and configure(Configuration) methods of 
    datameer.dap.sdk.importjob.enrichment.EnrichmentValueFunction have been replaced with

  • existing enrichment functions have been moved from 
    datameer.dap.sdk.importjob.enrichment.EnrichmentValueFunctions to 

Addition of custom properties

Property nameDefault valueDescription the container size of map-like tasks across execution frameworks.
das.job.reduce-task.memory2048Controls the container size of the reduce-like tasks across execution frameworks.
das.job.application-manager.memory2048 Controls the container size of the Application Master across execution frameworks.



Rest API update

Logged In User


Returns account information about a specific Datameer user. As of Datameer v5.10, user capabilities are also returned.

URI Syntax

curl -u <username>:<password> -X GET http://<Datameer-serverIP>:<port-number>/rest/user-management/logged-in-user?pretty

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