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    Companies Big And Small Are Using Datameer to Get Big Data Insights Faster

  • Unlike traditional solutions, Datameer helps anyone get the data that matters to them integrated, analyzed, and visualized quickly and easily, drastically reducing the time it takes to get to their "aha moment". From identifying potential fraud to understanding customer behavior and recognizing common paths in customer journey, to optimizing telecom networks, the use cases are broad but the methodologies are the same. It's all about getting disparate data together for analysis and insights you never had before.

    Find out how Datameer customers are harnessing data to make a difference:


    "We believe that Datameer has
    the ability to empower entire
    organizations and make data matter."

    Jason Delker, Chief Technology and Chief Data Officer

    "In the past it would take months
    to get data in the hands of analysts.
    Today, using our Hadoop and Datameer
    solution, it takes days."

    Scott Salter, VP of Enterprise Data Services

    "A tool like Datameer is the future
    of law enforcement."

    Andrew Arena, Detroit Crime Commission

    "Datameer is becoming very important
    for us as we build out a data
    hub on Hadoop."

    Phil Shelley, Former CTO of Sears

    "Datameer increased the speed at
    which we are able to go from
    raw data to intelligence."

    Brandon Bunker, Vivint

    "I really feel that our choice of
    Datameer as a tool to help us in this
    process has been one of our
    best decisions to date."

    Chris Kennedy, Trustev

    "Datameer can easily analyze data,
    and has very good visualization which
    was exactly what we needed to see
    how everything interconnected."

    Sky Christopherson, U.S. Women Olympic Cycling Team


    "Datameer makes data
    accessible without the need for
    a data scientist."

    Sean Gallavan, TastemakerX

    British Telecom
    American Airlines

    "This is why we adopted Datameer, to provide our game designers and analysts with very easy access to data."

    Wen-Hao Lee, Backend Engineer, Data Platform, Machine Zone



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