Sales and Services

    Sales Team (US)

  • Tim Miller

    Tim Miller
    Vice President of Sales

  • Mike Macey

    Mike Macey
    Vice President of Sales, East

  • Matt Schumpert

    Matt Schumpert
    Director of Product Management

  • Tim Bezold

    Tim Bezold
    Solutions Engineer, West

  • Adam Gugliciello

    Adam Gugliciello
    Solutions Engineer, East

  • Steve Egan

    Steven Egan
    Solutions Engineer, Federal

  • David Barlow

    David E. Barlow
    Regional Sales Director, East

  • Wendy Heaton

    Wendy Heaton
    Senior Director, OEM and Channel Sales

  • Troy Reichert

    Troy Reichert
    Manager of Sales, Central

  • Kat Vasilakos

    Kat Vasilakos
    Director, Inside Sales & Sales Operations

  • Hector Hernandez

    Hector Hernandez
    Account Development Manager

  • Richard Guzzo

    Richard Guzzo
    Enterprise Account Manager

    Sales Team (EMEA)

  • Harald Muller

    Harald Müller
    Senior Director of Sales

  • David Wrigglesworth

    David Wrigglesworth
    Sales Director, UK & I

  • Peter Jeitschko

    Peter Jeitschko
    Solutions Engineer

  • James Mesney

    James Mesney
    Solutions Engineer, UK

  • Bruno Ungermann

    Bruno Ungermann
    Director Sales DACH

  • Arno Van Driel

    Arno Van Driel
    Sales Executive Benelux & Nordics

    Services Team

  • Eduardo Rosas

    Eduardo Rosas
    Vice President of Services

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen
    Technical Account Manager

  • Alejandro Malbet

    Alejandro Malbet
    Technical Account Manager

  • Brooke Currier

    Brooke Currier
    Technical Support Engineer

  • Jigz Mehta

    Jigz Mehta
    Technical Account Manager

  • Frances Angulo

    Frances Angulo
    Director of Corporate Education

  • Jason Arrigo

    Jason Arrigo
    Technical Trainer

  • Joel Stewart

    Joel Stewart
    Technical Services Engineer

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