Datameer Announces General Availability of Datameer Analytics Solution

    SAN MATEO, CALIF - October 12, 2010 - Datameer, Inc. (www.datameer.com) today announced general availability of Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) 1.0, the first Hadoop-based solution for big data that includes data source integration, storage, an analytics engine and visualization.

    Key highlights of the DAS 1.0 release include:

    • DAS connectors provide immediate access to all common data sources including relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL; file formats such as CSV, Fixed Length, JSON, Mbox, Apache Log Files; data streams such as Twitter; as well as HDFS and Hive.
    • DAS allows seamless design of the complete end-to-end data processing pipeline using a familiar interactive spreadsheet interface that requires no programming. DAS includes more than 175 built-in functions for exploring and discovering complex relationships.
    • AJAX-based dashboards facilitate interactive drag & drop reporting so that DAS users can quickly create their own personalized dashboards. Users simply select a widget, the information they want to view and how to display it
    • no assistance from IT is required.
    • DAS is based on JEE, the industry standard for enterprise Java computing. DAS enables flexible integration through Java standards such as JDBC and Web Services, and effective job monitoring through JMX.

    A number of DAS customers are already realizing tremendous benefits from their deployments.

    Dr. Sven Krasser, Senior Director of Data Mining Research at McAfee comments, "McAfee is pioneering threat intelligence on Hadoop, using Datameer tools to spot correlations among spam, malware, intrusion, and botnet computer security threats. DAS helps us to combine and correlate data from millions of sources participating in McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence network, enabling us to discover hidden patterns of abnormal behavior and proactively protect against new emerging threats. DAS bridges the gap between researchers and Hadoop by allowing them to easily run massively parallelized algorithms tapping into terabyte scale threat intelligence data."

    Also, according to Nikolaus Pohle, CTO of nurago, "As a result of using DAS, nurago is better able to help our clients identify and analyze patterns in behavioral data of panel members. DAS helps us as a market research vendor to scale for our most granular data requirements and greatly simplifies the integration of multiple sources. In addition, DAS makes reporting on big data analytics directly accessible to our analysts so that they don't need to turn to developers for their requirements."

    Datameer's CEO, Stefan Groschup, states, "We developed DAS in response to the market need for a big data analytics solution that is less complex and expensive to deploy and use than traditional approaches. We are pleased that we have made so much progress on this goal since our beta testing of DAS began in April of this year."

    Already, DAS is widely recognized for its innovation in big data analytics. Datameer was voted the second most promising cloud computing company at GigaOM's Structure 2010 LaunchPad and KMWorld recently named DAS a Trend-Setting Product of 2010.

    Datameer is a sponsor of the 2nd annual Hadoop World conference taking place at the Hilton New York Hotel on October 12, 2010 where it will demonstrate DAS and speak on customer behavioral analytics.

    About Datameer
    Datameer offers the first data analytics solution built on Hadoop that helps business users access, analyze and use massive amounts of data. Founded by Hadoop veterans in 2009, the company's breakthrough product, Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS), provides unparalleled access to data with minimal IT resources. DAS scales to 4,000 servers and petabytes of data and is available for all major Hadoop distributions including Apache, Cloudera, Yahoo!, IBM, and Amazon. Datameer is based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit www.datameer.com.

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