• Who We Are

    Quite simply, we’re the only end-to-end big data analytics application purpose-built for Hadoop. We’re here to abstract the complexity of Hadoop and be the only application needed to put the power of big data analytics directly into the hands of those who know their data best. Hundreds of customers, including CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officials, and even olympic athletes, are all relying on Datameer to help them get from raw data to insight faster than ever.


How We’re Different



Lots of analytic applications only solve one step of the process. Datameer is the only application on the market that has robust, self-service tooling for big data integration, analytics, and visualization… the entire big data analytics workflow.

Easy to Use

Everything in Datameer is point-and-click or drag-and-drop. Not an ounce of coding is required, unless you want to, of course, so everyone can use it, not just technical experts.

Fastest Time to Insight

We’re purpose-built for Hadoop, which means only Hadoop and Datameer is required for analytics. No cumbersome ETL, no pre-built data models required… saving months at minimum.

Ease of Integration

With over 55 pre-built connectors to all major data sources, as well as a complete open plug-in API architecture you can easily pull data from any database or legacy applications into Hadoop using Datameer’s spreadsheet interface.

Lightweight Architecture

Unlike other analytic applications, we do not require an additional set of servers to be deployed. Datameer can sit on an edge node of your existing Hadoop distribution, or on a single standalone server, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential hardware costs.

Hundreds of Customers

From individuals, to startups, to global conglomerates, we’ve got customers and use cases deployed in every major vertical helping us improve and perfect our application with every single release.

  • Our Story

    After several implementations of custom Hadoop big data analytics solutions at Global 500 companies, our founders set out to build that custom analytics application that was so clearly needed just one more time — and turn it into a product. On a Friday in November 2009, our CEO Stefan fired all of his engineers, and that next Monday re-hired them to start building Datameer. On day one, the team had more than 40 years combined Hadoop experience, and the real-world knowledge of what enterprises needed in a big data analytics application for Hadoop. It was a simple formula, really. It needed to be end-to-end, self-service to business users and subject matter experts, but most importantly, it needed to dramatically decrease the time it took to find insights from any data out there. And with that, Datameer was born.


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