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Big Data & Brews: Ron Bodkin, Think Big Analytics

Big Data & Brews: On Open-source Big Data Development Tools


May 13, 2014

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In the last episode, Ron Bodkin talked about his history and role at Think Big Analytics. This week, we talked about his belief that “fundamentally open source is the foundation of the platforms that will be successful in big data,” and that “…a lot of what’s exciting about big data is the economics of open source.” We talked about […]

Justin Borgman, CEO of Hadapt

Big Data & Brews: Justin Borgman, CEO of Hadapt part 2


January 14, 2014

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This week’s episode of Big Data & Brews is part 2 of my discussion with Justin Borgman, the CEO of Hadapt. We talk about the future of Hadoop & Hadapt, schemaless SQL,  company culture & the benefits(?) of beers on coding, Lucene, Solr, AWS, YARN, and more. In case you missed part 1, you can […]