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BDBrews-Mike Olson-Cloudera

Big Data & Brews: Cloudera on Spark, Tez & the Enterprise Data Hub


August 5, 2014

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In our last installment of Big Data & Brews with Mike Olson, he shares his thoughts around Spark, Tez, and Cloudera’s vision for a data hub. I wanted to call out Mike’s comment that we’re now seeing the emergence of what he thinks of as the next generation of analytic and exploratory applications aimed at […]

Big Data & Brews Oscar Boykin

Big Data & Brews: Oscar Boykin from Twitter talks Cascading & Scala


December 24, 2013

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I had fun talking with Oscar Boykin, a data scientist at Twitter, over a Kona Longboard Island Lager. He did a great job explaining Cascading and Scala. Enjoy.

Antonio Piccolboni

Big Data & Brews: Antonio Piccolboni, Independent Data Scientist, part 2


December 3, 2013

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This week, Antonio talked in-depth about the open source project he’s working on called RHadoop, a collection of four R packages that allow users to manage and analyze data with Hadoop.┬áHe talked about its use cases, some of the general challenges of starting an open source project on Hadoop, and why he thinks Javascript is […]