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Big Data & Brews: Informatica

Big Data & Brews: Part II on Data Security with Informatica


September 15, 2015

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Informatica’s Anil Chakravarthy and I continue our conversation around data security, this time discussing how risk management is a perfect example of  a data-driven exercise. He elaborates that in the past it was either driven by human expertise or by process and increasingly, it’s becoming process-driven. We also talk about the role Informatics plays and how cloud and […]

Eric Baldeschwieler

Bonus #BigDataBrews: Eric Baldeschwieler Talks About The Future of Hadoop


February 18, 2014

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We usually just do two 20-minute episodes of Big Data & Brews, but the conversation was so interesting with Eric that I wanted to be sure to share this too. Here are two “mega-trends” Eric said he’s paying attention to when it comes to Hadoop: TRANSCRIPT: Stefan:           What’s the future? You know? Where do we […]