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5.0 with Smart Execution

Introducing Datameer Smart Execution: It’s Not Big Data, It’s Just Data


October 1, 2014

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Big data seems to have reached the level of an exclusive club that everyone is trying to get in to but that only a select few of the aristocracy are welcome. It seems the more data you have, the more difficult it is to figure out what to do with it or how to extract […]

BDBrews-Mike Olson-Cloudera

Big Data & Brews: Cloudera on Spark, Tez & the Enterprise Data Hub


August 5, 2014

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In our last installment of Big Data & Brews with Mike Olson, he shares his thoughts around Spark, Tez, and Cloudera’s vision for a data hub. I wanted to call out Mike’s comment that we’re now seeing the emergence of what he thinks of as the next generation of analytic and exploratory applications aimed at […]