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Big Data & Brews with Ted Dunning from MapR

By on October 9, 2013

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I’ve known Ted Dunning for quite some time now, thanks to his reputation as the guy with the most responses in the Hadoop mailing list for a few years running. He is currently chief application architect at MapR, and he joined me a couple of weeks ago to talk big data over “techno beers”.

We talked about what he’s finding exciting about Mahout, use cases for Mahout recommenders, MapR & the importance of failing safely, where the major value in big data is going to be, jet turbine simulators, and he even used the chalk board to explain why Hadoop is working. Oh, and Ted also taught me a trick for how to identify a German in the street. :) Enjoy and please feel free to pipe into the conversation either in the comments or on our new YouTube channel:


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