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Monitor Your Amazon EC2 Instances

We’ve got a new app up in the Datameer Analytics App Market that will be interesting for anyone out there using Amazon EC2 for cloud computing.

Our new Amazon EC2 Monitor application can be used to retrieve a current list of your Amazon EC2 instances including:

  • How many and what type of instances are running
  • A comparison of all the instances running
  • How long each instance has been running
  • A rough price calculation of the currently running instances
  • A distribution chart of the different instances running
    Amazon EC2 Monitor Datameer App
  • Datameer Analytic App to monitor your Amazon EC2 Instances

What do you need to do to analyze your own Amazon EC2 instances? First download our free trial, install the free Amazon EC2 Monitor app, and enter your credentials. The infographic you see above will automatically be populated with your own data.

Want to customize it to dig deeper in the analytics or style the infographic differently? Have at it. All of our apps are fully editable, so you can mix and match them, mash them up, and make them truly yours.


Susan Puccinelli O'Brien

Susan Puccinelli O'Brien is the Director of Communications at Datameer, Inc.

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