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How-to: Tokenize Text in Datameer

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If you have a string of text in a single cell and want to break that text into individual words that each display in their own row, you want to become familiar with the Tokenize function in Datameer. This is helpful to do things like sentiment analysis or to find out what words are used more commonly than others in support tickets, for example.

Before Tokenize:

Non-tokenized text

Applying the Tokenize Function is as simple as selecting the Tokenize function and highlighting the column you want to tokenize:

Formula Builder


Tokenize Results

You can try this yourself with our free trial; just download the “Twitter Brand Sentiment Analysis” application from our app market to get some sample data to work with if you don’t have your own, then follow along with this quick video demo:

Eduardo Rosas

Eduardo Rosas is Vice President of Services at Datameer and brings over 12 years of software implementation experience to the table.

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