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How to: Set up End-to-End Project Automation in Datameer

**In this weekly blog series, engineering and support staff at Datameer share their favorite features in Datameer.** 

Once you’ve created a complete analysis in Datameer, including setting up a data source, building a workbook, and creating a visualization if you like, you can set the entire process up to happen automatically on a schedule so you don’t need to manually trigger each action. This also includes the ability to export your insights if you so choose.

To set up the complete project automation, first you start by editing your import job and selecting the schedule you’d like to see the data imported on:

Project Automation - Import Job

Next, configure your workbook to “When new data comes in”:

Project Automation - Workbook Scheduling

Finally, select your export location and schedule it to “after workbook is calculated”:
Project Automation - ExportWant to see it in action? Enjoy:

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