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How-to: Add Images to your Datameer Visualizations or Infographics

*In this weekly blog series, engineering and support staff at Datameer share their favorite features in Datameer.**

Let’s get visual, people. If you’re not customizing your visualizations in Datameer and using the built-in image library to make your infographics work for you, you’re leaving half the capabilities (and fun) of Datameer’s Business Infographic Designer on the table.

It couldn’t be easier. As always, check out the quick tutorial video below, or you can follow these easy steps.

1. If you want to add a background image in the Business Infographic Designer, simply navigate to the Background section and select “Image”.Basic Visualization in Datameer2. To add an image in the foreground, simply navigate to the “Add Widget” section in the Business Infographic Designer, and drag and drop it where you’d like it placed.

Adding Image to Datameer Visualization

3. Then, navigate to the Image folder in the file browser, select the image you’d like, and drag and drop that on the image widget you already placed.

Adding Background to Visualization in Datameer4. Want to add text? Simply navigate back to the “add widget” section in the Business Infographic designer, drag and drop the “T” (text) widget to wherever you’d like it placed, and type in your text.

Let's Get Visual in Datameer

5. Bonus! Want to add in your own image, like a picture or your company logo? It’s easy. Simply navigate to the “Upload Images” section in the Browser on the right hand side of your screen, select the file you want to upload, and it will be added to your Images library.

Add your custom image in Datameer

Custom Image in Datameer Visualization

Now without further ado, the promised video:

Frances Angulo

Frances is the Director of Support and Education at Datameer and knower of all things Apple.

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