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Some Favorite “Automagic” Time-Saving Features in Datameer

**In this weekly blog series, engineering and support staff at Datameer share their favorite features in Datameer.**

Two of my favorite features in Datameer are really awesome usability features that help you save time. As per usual, you can jump to the end and just watch the 3-minute demo, or catch some screenshot guidance below.

My first favorite feature is that during data import, Datameer automatically detects the schema to categorize each column by its detected type:

Auto-Detecting Data Type in Datameer

Of course, you can always change the categorization from the drop-down menu to better fit your needs:

Changing Data Type in Datameer Import Process

Datameer is smart enough to know if you select “Boolean”, to convert the 0’s and 1’s to “false” or “true”, or if you have a date column, to automatically parse the data into various date formats you can select, again from a drop-down menu.

My other favorite feature is the auto-naming of columns. During your analysis, Datameer pays attention to which transformations you’re performing, and automatically creates a column title that correlates with ┬áthe function you performed. For example, if you apply the “GROUPTOPN” function to a column named BulletData:

Formula Builder in Datameer

That results in the auto-naming of:

Auto-named Column Result in Datameer

And now, for the full demo:

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