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Well hydrated


We at Datameer strongly believe that some of the most important answers to mankind’s challenges are hidden in data. We hope we can contribute to the research efforts of science and academia by building and making available an amazingly simple, yet powerful data analytics platform that enables analysts and scientists to focus on their research without having technology get in the way.

We also believe that lessening our own human impact is key to our future and requires many small steps. So here at Datameer, along with the obvious recycling, we have embraced a culture of low impact, sustainability and going green whenever possible.  To start, we installed energy saving light bulbs in our new offices and banned all Styrofoam containers from our daily lunch deliveries.

One more impactful change we recently made is to stop buying soda and water in plastic bottles. Instead, we provided all staff with beautiful stainless steel water bottles and added filters to our tap water. We used to generate hundreds of empty soda cans and plastic bottles each month, but since we made this minor change, we have been able to cut this waste down dramatically.

We’ve also purchased a great soda stream machine to enable us to invent our own organic house made sodas. Turns out, this not only had a green impact but also reduced our spending. On average, we used to spend more than $2 a day per person to supply bottled water and sodas. But after less than a month, the money saved already paid for the stainless steel water bottles and the soda stream machine.

With these simple changes, we will save more than $10,000 a year just in our San Mateo office alone.  More importantly, we are not creating trash in the environment and filling up our landfills with thousands of plastic bottles.

So, go and buy some stainless steel water bottles for your company!

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