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Will you beat Santa to Christmas morning?

It’s that time of the year again when travelers drag themselves to the airport to get on a plane and hopefully meet their loved ones at their destination in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks to publicly available FAA data, Datameer ran some analytics and found these interesting insights from past Christmas holidays. The data […]

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Well hydrated

  We at Datameer strongly believe that some of the most important answers to mankind’s challenges are hidden in data. We hope we can contribute to the research efforts of science and academia by building and making available an amazingly simple, yet powerful data analytics platform that enables analysts and scientists to focus on their […]

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The Changing Data Landscape, Ready or Not, I’m in for the Ride

  Post from Dianna Doan, Senior Manager, Marketing Programs The world is changing, whether we’re ready for it or not.  I spent a number of years in the world of traditional BI with Actuate so I understand the BI space. But few could and would predict the changes that have taken place in the last […]

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Why I am at Datameer

  Post from Brian Smith, Regional Director of Sales I ran the commercial sales division at Vertica Systems for several years prior to joining Datameer. At the risk of going on (and on), I wanted to share my enthusiasm around my professional experience selling big data solutions, and why I am so excited to be […]

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Whose Hadoop is Bigger? Really…

Actually, Datameer contributed the most code to the Hadoop ecosystem. After weeks of hard work we made a surprising discovery, actually 99% of the Hadoop ecosystem code was written by Datameer engineers. We hired an external, independent, respected analyst firm that had 5 PhD’s working on a new generation of algorithms that analyze the Hadoop […]

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Predicting the stock market with Datameer

I recently read an interesting research paper by Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Xiao-Jun Zeng, from Indiana University entitled “Twitter mood predicts the stock market,” that investigated whether “collective mood states derived from large-scale Twitter feeds” correlated with the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. What they found was that their algorithm not only paralleled […]

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Fishing the Clickstream…

  Firstly, I’m excited to announce that there’s a major new release of DAS (1.3) available.  1.3 includes, among other things, some powerful tools to perform clickstream analysis through just a few simple steps, and makes visualization of user behavior a breeze.  I wanted to give you a overview of these new tools, and provide […]

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It’s About Time…

  In this post, I’ll show you a thing or two about the powerful capabilities of DAS to perform time series analytics. Most analysts swimming in today’s sea of unstructured data are poorly served, receiving only daily or weekly canned reports which provide a course, aggregated view of what’s happening within their data.  These reports […]

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